Eddie Frank(non-registered)
Inspirational photography.
Roy Tucker(non-registered)
Hi, just been giving your details by Angela, I had a look around your site and pictures and had to write to say what an amazing collection of images, so are truly inspirational.
Uta Plamper(non-registered)
Ciao John,

I saw your new photos from Iceland of 2014. I am enthusiastic - they are so beautiful - this nature with her colors and moods - unique. A big compliment to a "big artist!"
Many greetings from Uta and Helmut
Uta Plamper(non-registered)
Hi John,

I saw your photos of Capadocia in Turkey - they are incredibly and very beautiful. So many balloons in a landscape "from another world" - un grande complimento, John.
Many greetings
Uta from Tuscany
Ryan Lovelock(non-registered)
Beautiful work sir!
Stunning portfolio :)
I came here because I've seen a link in the description on one of your book published through Blurb. You have a great collection of photographs, congratulations.
PG Photography - Páll Guðjónsson
Hello there

Congratulations on a most excellent collection of photos from my country - tx for sharing.
Hi John - just looked at your Tiepido stuff - beautiful. But I would like to have seen more of "the interactions between the semi-natural and built environments and the way in which the area is used by the local inhabitants" - maybe that is coming?
Anyway, great work.
Straordinarie immagini, ora sono di corsa ma torno a gaurdarle con più calma.

Ci tenevo a dirti che trovo queste fotografie fantatiche.

Fabio Veronesi(non-registered)
Bellissime fotografie.
I provengo da quelle zone dell'Emilia e quindi conosco molto bene il tipo di posti.
Mi complimento per il modo innovativo con cui cerchi di descrivere quei luoghi, tra l'altro con risultato eccellenti.
Se non ti dispiace mi salvo questo link e ogni tanto verro` a fare una visitina per godermi un po` di belle foto.
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